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Park May Berhad (PMB), formerly known as Konsortium Transnasional Berhad (KTB), is a leading force in Malaysia’s public transportation sector, offering both express and stage bus services across Peninsular Malaysia. PMB operates under various brands, each catering to distinct market segments.


Transnasional and Plusliner specialise in express bus services, while CityLiner focuses on stage bus services across multiple states nationwide. PMB is committed to delivering top-tier service, safety, and comfort to passengers on their journeys to any destination.


PMB’s core focus lies in the bus transportation system, encompassing both stage and express bus operations within Peninsular Malaysia. With an extensive network covering nearly all major cities and towns, PMB operates a fleet of 200 buses across over 50 routes, facilitating over 200 trips monthly and serving approximately 20 million passengers annually.


Presently, PMB holds a dominant position in the market, especially in the express bus sector in Peninsular Malaysia, led by its flagship brand ‘Transnasional’, PMB also operates ‘CityLiner’ stage buses and ‘Plusliner’ economy express buses.


Responding to evolving market demands, PMB has identified a significant need for short-haul transportation services within the Klang Valley area. Established in 2022, Badanbas Coach Sdn. Bhd. has partnered with Willer Express (subsidiary of Mitsui & Co) to form MOBI. Short for mobility, MOBI is a “bus-on-demand” service aimed at addressing the growing challenge of first and last-mile connectivity. With its dedicated MOBI application, users can easily book affordable rides to landmarks or bus stops within the geofenced area, utilising a rapidly expanding fleet of vans.


Now, MOBI is currently undergoing a pilot program known as Selangor Mobiliti, spearheaded by the Selangor state government as part of the SMART Selangor initiative. The primary objective of this initiative is to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the state’s public transportation system, aligning with its overarching goal of attaining ‘Smart City’ status.

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