Company Overview

NADICORP Holdings Sdn Bhd functions as an investment holding entity overseeing a diverse portfolio of over 30 operational subsidiaries involved in a range of business activities.

Guided by the leadership of YBHG. TAN SRI DR. MOHD NADZMI MOHD SALLEH, Nadicorp has achieved substantial growth, positioning itself as one of the prominent private Bumiputra conglomerates in the current business landscape.


After a distinguished 40 years, YBHG. TAN SRI DR. MOHD NADZMI MOHD SALLEH has chosen to conclude his illustrious professional career and depart from the corporate realm. His significant contributions, entrepreneurship and leadership have left an indelible mark on NADICORP, shaping its growth and success during his tenure. As he transitions to a new chapter, his legacy serves as a testament to his impactful presence and influence within the corporate landscape. The company now faces the opportunity to build upon the foundation laid by Tan Sri Dr. Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh and to continue its trajectory of excellence in the evolving business landscape.

Presently, Muhammad Hariz Mohd Nadzmi leads the organisation, diligently carrying forward the legacy entrusted to him. He is committed to spearhead NADICORP with determination, aiming to uphold its esteemed reputation while fostering competitiveness in the business landscape. Under his guidance, the company strives to maintain its standing as a reputable and dynamic entity, navigating challenges with agility and ensuring sustained success in the competitive market.

NADICORP has strategically maintained its competitive edge in the market by staying attuned to emerging trends, mega trends, and disruptive forces. Recognising the importance of adaptability, the company is currently engaged in a strategic diversification of its portfolio, both within existing industries and by venturing into new ones. This proactive approach underscores our commitment to not only staying relevant but also seizing opportunities for growth in dynamic and evolving markets.


Our Core Business Activities


Formerly recognised as Konsortium Transnasional Berhad (KTB), Park May Berhad (PMB) holds a prominent position as the largest operator of public buses in Malaysia. PMB manages renowned brands including Transnasional, Plusliner, Nice, and the stage bus service Cityliner.



The Transocean Group is a comprehensively diversified provider of logistics services, engaging in air and sea freight, cross-border consolidated and chartered trucking, as well as warehousing.



In our diverse operations, our manufacturing group is key in apparel and industrial tailoring, while our automotive engineering group focuses on tire rethreading and coach building. This strategic synergy enables us to harness expertise across sectors, ensuring a comprehensive approach to meet the diverse needs of both consumers and industries.



The Group has a significant land bank for which plans are underway to develop several commercial projects.


The unit concentrates on defence-related infrastructure projects, the supply of military vehicles, equipment, and the provision of associated logistic support services for all branches of the defence forces.



Several companies were established to offer support services to the NADICORP group, successfully realising substantial cost savings in their respective domains. These services encompass security, enforcement, and training.


Our Mission

Established in 1998, NADICORP Holdings Sdn Bhd has demonstrated robust and sustained growth, both financially and in terms of industrial expansion. As a quintessential Malaysian conglomerate, NADICORP engages in key business activities spanning the service to manufacturing sectors. The company’s noteworthy track record of swift turnarounds stands as a testament to the success of government privatisation projects, contributing significantly to the nation-building endeavour.

NADICORP’s extensive business portfolio spans across diverse sectors through its 32 subsidiaries, engaging in textile, coach building, properties, agro business, and other support services. Notably, public transportation stands as the cornerstone of the group’s operations. Positioned as a leader in the nation’s public transportation development, our unwavering commitment is to lead in this sector, providing the public with reliable, safe, and excellent services. This dedication aligns with our role as strategic partners in the broader context of nation-building, contributing to the development and progress of our nation’s transportation infrastructure.

While maintaining confidence in retaining our leading position in public transportation, we actively diversify into property, defence industry, agro business, and coach building. These areas represent the focal points of the group’s business development as we forge ahead.

NADICORP attributes its success to the dedicated efforts of its employees, the trust and confidence of shareholders, the strategic administration of management, and the continued positive expectations of our clients. In gratitude, NADICORP remains steadfast in its commitment to pursue continuous improvement without compromising the organisation’s culture of professionalism, discipline, knowledge, and creativity.

Our Experience

Transportation & Logistics 95%
Manufacturing 90%
Defence Industry 80%
Other Support Services 70%

Our Team

  • Tan Sri Dr. Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh


    YBhg Tan Sri (Dr) Mohd Nadzmi possesses extensive experience, particularly in the automobile and public transportation industry. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Mathematics and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Statistics from Ohio University, USA, in 1978. Additionally,...

  • Muhammad Hariz Mohd Nadzmi

    Group Executive Chairman

    As the recently appointed Group Executive Chairman, Mr. Hariz symbolises a new generation leading the company and is determined to guide the business into the future. Renowned for his strong interpersonal skills, he injects an entrepreneurial spirit and a fresh vision into the group.

  • Tan Swee Hock

    Group Chief Financial Officer

    Mr. Tan Swee Hock is a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants and is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, United Kingdom. He has vast experience of 40 years in the manufacturing and public transportation industry.

  • Wan Nurul Lizza Bakhrojin

    Head, Human Resource

    Ms. Wan Nurul Lizza Bakhrojin commenced her journey with NADICORP in 2015 as an HR executive. Acquiring in-depth knowledge from her predecessor in the HR department, she is thoroughly familiar with its intricacies and possesses a notable strength in human relations.

  • Mohd Zawawi bin Zulkifly

    Manager, Business Development

    Mr. Zawawi Zukfily initiated his career in the automotive industry at Trisilco Motors Sdn Bhd in 2001, starting as a Sales Advisor. His dedication and expertise led to his promotion to Service Manager in 2004, and subsequently, he advanced to the position of General Manager. In 2008, he transitioned...

  • Ahmad Izwan bin Ibrahim

    Manager, Corporate Services

    Mr. Ahmad Izwan, the Manager of Corporate Services, boasts a longstanding association with Nadi Corp. His comprehensive understanding of the company's products and services, coupled with an effective management style, is instrumental in steering the company towards a more efficient operational structure...

  • Tifla Hairi Taib

    Manager Legal & Secreterial

    Tifla Hairi Taib is a holder of a Bachelor of Laws degree from Newcastle Upon Tyne Polytechnic, United Kingdom. He commenced his legal career as a Legal Executive with Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Subsequently, he transitioned to the insurance sector, serving as the Company Secretary...

  • Omar Fakruddin Mohd Nadzmi

    Executive Director

    Omar Fakruddin studied in California, United States during his university days before his tenure in NADI. Currently, he is the executive director of the group, overlooking the daily operations of all business units.

  • Ibrahim Aiman Mohd Nadzmi

    Head, Transport Division

    Ibrahim Aiman holds a bachelors degree of arts in Economics from the University of California Santa Barbara, United States. Upon completion, Aiman commenced his corporate career in NADI as Head of Transport. He is actively on effective oversight throughout the division, managing more than 10 subsidiaries...

  • Muhammad Imran bin Mohd Nadzmi

    Head, Manufacturing Division

    Muhammad Imran holds a bachelors of business degree in Economics and Finance from RMIT University, Melbourne. Starting off as a HR executive in NADI upon graduation, Imran has diverted his focus towards the group’s manufacturing segment, managing the coach building and textile manufacturing business....

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