All 20 vehicles had arrived in Lebanon

All 20 KP 4×4 Panthera had arrived safely in Lebanon from Turkey, on the 28th of February 2024. Upon arrival, Nurol Makina, Aselsan and Badanbas had conducted the training with the Malaysian Troops of MALBATT850-11. The Malaysian Army (ATM) had taken the necessary steps to perform the pre-delivery inspection (PDI) and Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) prior to training.  

Securing and fulfilling this contract marks a significant milestone for NADI, underscoring our dedication and capability in meeting the nation’s critical requirements. This accomplishment not only demonstrates our operational excellence and commitment to quality but also strengthens our position as a reliable partner in national development. Looking ahead, we are motivated to expand our contributions and continue playing an instrumental role in addressing future demands. Our goal is to leverage our expertise and innovative solutions to support the nation’s evolving needs, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of industry advancements and contribute positively to our country’s progress and security. This contract is a step towards a future where we consistently add value, ensuring robust and sustainable national growth. 

We would like to thank Nurol Makina, and ASELSAN for their undivided support and attention for making this happen.

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