The Ministry of Defence awards Badanbas Sdn Bhd on the supply of 20 Armoured Personnel Carrier for MALBATT850

The Malaysian Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) has awarded Badanbas Sdn Bhd on the 4-year supply of 20 Armoured Personnel Carriers for the Malaysian Army. These 20 units will be sent to Lebanon for Malaysia’s fulfilment of the United Nations Peacekeeping mission. The  MALBATT850-11 (Malaysian Battalion in Lebanon) will utilise the vehicles to perform its peacekeeping operartions.  


The vehicles that will be supplied is Turkey’s Nurol Makina 4×4 Ejder Yalcin (in picture). All 20 vehicles are to be done fully in white as requested by the United Nations, symbolising the meaning of peacekeeping.  

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