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Retreading Process

Hot Process

Hot process means we used compound(camelback) for both top cap / full cap. The dimension is according to the tyre size. Camelback is cured in a hot press at certain temperature for certain time depending on tyre size and camelback thickness.

The hot process has curing matrix with pattern but one piece of tyre only can be press at one time. Higher temperature may affect casing (used tyre) life and production low.

Those casing which cannot go for cold process can be retread for hot cure but it depends on casing condition. Normaly after 3 retreads.

Cold Process

Cold process means tyres are retreaded at lower temperatures. 100°C can be quoted as minimum and maximum 115°C. The tyre can be cured at 3 to 4 hours with 25 pieces at one time. Pre-cured treads stripes are applied with cushion gum to prepared casings and cured in autoclaves. 

In Usmeta the tyre must be mounted on rim and placed in an outer and inner envelopes.

The precured tread pattern can be selected or chosen as the need require.

The tubeless curing is very good for cold cure because of low temperature and no damage to casing. Selection of casings for cold cure is strict and only suitable casing can only be used.

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