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What is a superstructure bus?

A superstructure bus is built from advanced materials such as carbon fibre, galvanised steel and aluminium that are combined with the latest construction processes to provide unparalleled structural strength, non-corrosive quality and superb durability that meet all international safety standards.

Unique Features

Monocoque (single-piece) galvanised roll hoops
These roll hoops form the upper frame of the coach. It has no joints and welding, thus offering higher strength and

The roof top is made of carbon fibre. It is exceptionally light, yet rigid and strong. It comes in one whole piece, minimizing welding points and leaking problems.

All badanbas buses, coaches and SPVs are built to provide exceptional structural integrity.

Structural Strengths

  • ADR 59.00 : Omnibus Rollover Strenght
  • Galvanized Tubular Steel Superstructure ( C450 & C350 ) Grade
  • Seat Mounting meet ADR 68 : Occupant Protection in Buses

Galvanized Tubular Design.

  • Utilizing the higher strength attributes of high galvanized tubing reduces overall mass of steel required for the Superstructure
  • The galvanized tubing also reduce the process of black steel products to provide the required level of surface protection


  • Galvanized Steel Structure
  • Aluminium Panelling
  • Internal Rust Proofing to Steel Structure

Maintenance & Repair

  • Fully removable bottom panels create less downtime during repairs or general maintenance replacement panels are readily at Badanbas
  • LOPMEN Aluminium Paneling for easy replacement and / or repair
  • Swing-out battery carrier for easy servicing
  • Lift-up doors surrounding the engine bay provide easy access for engine servicing
  • Engine and transmission floor access hatches

Standard Special features

  • Passenger plug door ( optional remote control )
  • Dimpled Rubber Floor Covering for heavy traffic areas
  • Electrical fuse board behind driver ( preventing damage in case of accident )
  • Quality floor covering , hard wearing and long lasting
  • Interior lining of formica and PVC for easy cleaning
  • Paragraph luggage compartment doors
  • Through luggage compartment ( loading LH or RH )
  • Extra lighting to the rear of the bus for maximum night visibility

Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs)

To excel the arena of Special Purpose Vehicle manufacturing, We have established a partnership with a leading name in Korea, Mediven Corparation which has more than 20 years of experience and know -how in designing and manufacturing Special Purpose Vehicle such as:

  • Pharmacy Center
  • Rest & Shower center
  • Word & Dormitory
  • Trans Vehicle
  • Fixed Administration
  • Administration Center
  • Assistant Vehicles
  • Food Service Vehicles
  • Operating Center
  • Radiography & Laboratory Center
  • OB / GY Center
  • Infant & Ped. Clinic Center
  • IN & Surgery Center
  • Intensive Care Center
  • Dental Center
  • Ambulance

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